How To Get A Motorcycle License In Maryland?

The laws to obtain a motorcycle license vary by state. Maryland motorcycle license laws are intended to ensure that a person has sufficient knowledge and skills to operate a motorcycle safely on Maryland roads. However, even the safest motorcyclist may not avoid an accident caused by another motorist.

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Applying for a Maryland Motorcycle License

A motorcycle license is a stand-alone license in Maryland. If you intend to operate another motor vehicle, you need a regular driver’s license. Likewise, if you have a driver’s license and intend to operate a motorcycle, you need to apply for a motorcycle license.

The steps you take to obtain a motorcycle license in Maryland depend on several factors, including your age and your current license. Applicants 18 years of age or younger do not qualify for a Maryland motorcycle license until they complete a Basic Rider Course. If you are over 18 years of age, you are not required to complete this program. However, completing the program eliminates the need to obtain a motorcycle learner’s permit, take the knowledge test, and take the skills test required for a motorcycle license.

Before registering with a company to complete your motorcycle safety course, you need to verify the company is approved by the Maryland Vehicle Administration (MVA). If your certificate is over six months old or from a company not approved by the MVA, you will be required to obtain your motorcycle learner’s permit and complete the required tests to obtain your Class M license.

For additional information about motorcycle licenses, you can contact the MVA.

What Should I Do After a Maryland Motorcycle Accident?

When a motorcyclist is seriously injured in a motorcycle crash, the rider is usually transported directly to the emergency room. Motorcycle accidents can result in traumatic and life-threatening injuries for the motorcyclist. A rider has no protection from the force of the impact during a collision. Motorcycle helmets and protective clothing can help reduce the severity of injuries. However, nothing can absorb the force of the impact. Therefore, motorcycle accidents tend to result in catastrophic injuries.

In some cases, a rider may suffer injuries that do not require an ambulance ride to the emergency room. Riders who are not transported to the hospital should see a doctor as soon as possible. First, the rider could have suffered injuries that may not be immediately apparent after the crash. Second, a delay in medical treatment could cause your injuries to worsen or become life-threatening.

Third, a delay in medical treatment could be used against you during your claim. Insurance companies use delays in treatment to allege the injuries were not sustained in the motorcycle crash.

In addition to seeking medical treatment after a motorcycle accident, other steps you should take include:

  • If possible, take photographs of the accident scene. Make sure to take pictures and a video of your motorcycle before any repairs are made.
  • At the accident scene, ask for the names and contact information for any eyewitnesses.
  • Avoid discussing the accident or your injuries with anyone other than an attorney.
  • Do not provide a written or recorded statement to the insurance provider for the other driver.
  • Avoid using social media or posting online until you consult with a Maryland motorcycle accident lawyer.
  • Do not sign a medical release or medical authorization form for the insurance provider.
  • Follow through with your doctor’s treatment plan, and keep all follow-up appointments.
  • Keep copies of any records related to the accident or your injuries. If anyone contacts you regarding the motorcycle crash, make a detailed record of the conversation, including the date and time of the contact; the person’s name, company, and title; and, details of the conversation.
  • Contact a motorcycle accident attorney in Maryland to discuss your claim and obtain information about your options for seeking compensation.

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